Chef’s Restaurant in Buffalo NY, opened at its current site on the corner of Seneca and Chicago Streets in 1923. This was Lou Billittier’s childhood neighborhood. In 1941 Lou was hired to wash dishes by then owners Gino Silverstrini and Lee Federiconi. Lou worked his way up to busboy, then waiter, eventually earning the title of restaurant manager.

By 1950, Lou was half-owner of Chef’s, and in 1954 he became sole owner, with financial assistance from his dad, Anthony Billittier. In the early days Chef’s had a limited menu of spaghetti, ravioli, chicken, and veal cacciatora. Lou has since expanded his menu to feature items ranging from Chef’s famous spaghetti parmesan to lighter items such as pasta broccoli, and even gluten-free pasta.

Locations: Buffalo