Five Points Bakery


44 Brayton St, Buffalo, NY 14213

About Five Points Bakery

Five Points Bakery, nestled at 44 Brayton St, Buffalo, NY 14213, is a beacon of community and wholesome baking that has earned a special place in the hearts of Buffalo residents and visitors. Known for its commitment to sustainability, local sourcing, and the art of bread making, this bakery stands out as a purveyor of not just food, but also values that resonate with a growing number of conscientious consumers.

The bakery is housed in a space that exudes rustic charm and warmth, inviting patrons into an environment where the simple pleasures of life are celebrated. The interior, often bathed in natural light, showcases the beauty of wood and other natural materials, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that encourages people to slow down and enjoy the moment.

At the heart of Five Points Bakery’s offerings is its bread, made using traditional techniques and organic, locally sourced grains. The bakery takes pride in its process, which involves long fermentation periods to enhance flavor and nutritional value. Each loaf is handcrafted with care, resulting in bread that is not only delicious but also nourishing. The selection ranges from classic whole wheat and sourdough to more innovative flavors that reflect the seasons and the creativity of the bakers.

Beyond bread, Five Points Bakery serves a variety of baked goods, including pastries, cookies, and other treats, all made with the same attention to quality and sustainability. The menu also features hearty toast options, topped with ingredients like fresh avocado, local cheese, or homemade jam, turning a simple slice of bread into a satisfying meal.

The bakery doubles as a community space, hosting events and gatherings that bring people together over good food. It’s not uncommon to find locals enjoying a leisurely breakfast, families sharing a midday snack, or friends meeting over coffee, all within the welcoming walls of Five Points Bakery.

Sustainability extends beyond the ingredients at Five Points Bakery; it’s woven into the fabric of their operations. From composting to minimizing waste, the bakery demonstrates a deep respect for the environment, aligning with the values of many of its patrons.

In summary, Five Points Bakery at 44 Brayton St in Buffalo, NY, is more than just a bakery. It’s a place where the love of bread, the importance of community, and the principles of sustainability come together to create an experience that feeds the body, soul, and spirit. With its wholesome products, welcoming atmosphere, and ethical approach, Five Points Bakery represents a model of how food businesses can have a positive impact on their community and the world.

Buffalo Location

44 Brayton St, Buffalo, NY 14213