Jim’s Steak Out

In 1981 he was ready to open the first Jim’s Steakout at 938 Elmwood Avenue between Delavan and Bidwell.  He focused on serving all the night owls on Elmwood with high quality food, his new steak sauce, the unheard-of Chicken Finger Sub and good service.  His pregnant wife worked the day shift and he took the nights.  Jim started the business with very little and worked tirelessly to build his restaurant.

He grew that store in a short time to 10+ very dedicated and hard-working employees.  Some of the original employees were Marc Coppola, who went on to be a member of the New York State Senate, Rudy Alloy owner of Just Pizza and Mark Shortino of Marcos Deli’s and spokesperson for Galbani Cheese.  Dave Muscoreil began working for Jim several months after opening the first restaurant.  He had the same drive for quality food and good service and was instrumental in expanding Jim’s Steakout.  Dave is still with Jim and operates the locations on Chippewa St. and Main St. 

On Sundays after Bills games when the team would visit the next door No Name Bar, it was common to have Bruce Smith or Jim Kelly come in.  One night after a Jim Kelly golf tournament he had Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and John Elway all in the store at the same time. 

Jim is no longer working behind the counter but he is involved in the business and says that as long as his name is on the building, the best ingredients are used and employees make the hoagies the way he did over 35 years ago.

Jim is very proud to say that Jim’s Steakout was born in Buffalo and remains a Buffalo run business.