La Nova

La Nova was born in 1957 when Joe Todaro (Papa Joe) started La Nova Pizzeria on 43 South Niagara Street in the City of Tonawanda. He worked day and night with his son, Joe Todaro (Big Joe) who was 12 years old at the time. The father/son team was as close as close could be.

Big Joe grew up with the business in his blood and opened La Nova Pizzeria on January 6, 1971. Under Big Joe’s leadership and always with endless loving guidance of his father Papa Joe, La Nova was the first to introduce such Buffalo favorites such as White Pizza and Steak and Cheese subs. He was also the first to create La Nova’s World Famous Barbeque Wings; making them an absolute favorite in the Queen City. Any time there is an influx of Ex-Buffalonians returning home for the holidays, people just have to have their La Nova BBQ wings.

La Nova World Famous Barbeque Wings were made available to the pizza industry when Big Joe; along with his son Joe (L.J.) and his daughter Carla, started La Nova Wings Inc. in 1993. La Nova Wings are now sold in all 50 states. You are always likely to find one of them working behind the counter because that’s the way its founders Papa Joe and Big Joe have been doing it since 1957! The Todaro way!

Locations: Buffalo, Williamsville