Rohall’s Corner

Black Rock Staple

Welcome to Rohall’s Corner, a proud and stylish Black Rock tavern that delights with its deco ambiance. From the vibrant red leather bumpers on the bar to the retro green padded stools, this place is truly marvelous. Owned by a visionary young entrepreneur who understands the neighborhood’s spirit, Rohall’s Corner is more than inspiring. The bar even offers War of 1812 beer, perfectly complementing its preserved vibe. Step through the lit-green deco glass block entranceway, and you will be greeted by candlelit tables that invite you to indulge in an intimate setting. Don’t miss the charming cafe tables crafted from reclaimed bowling alley lanes – a unique conversation piece while you relax on the salvaged church pews.

What adds to the charm of this exceptional bar is the meticulous restoration of the old wooden fridges behind the bar. Instead of choosing the easy way out, Greg made the wise decision to restore them, preserving the original look and ensuring a seamless operational flow in the back bar. With tastefully positioned neon beer signs and trays, clutter is effectively minimized. And hold on tight! There are future plans to open up the spacious back room and introduce a restaurant specializing in delectable Hungarian cuisine – an enticing addition to the thriving Black Rock neighborhood. Rohall’s Corner continues to contribute to the welcomed rebirth of this community over the past years.