Flying Bison: Brewing Dreams Take Flight

Proudly known as the first stand alone brewery to operate within the city proper since Iroquois Brewing closed down in 1972, Flying Bison Brewing Company. Founded by Tim Herzog, who had 30 years of brewing under his belt, he set out to make his dream of revitalizing Buffalo’s once great industry of brewing with the names of Simon Beer and Iroquois coming to mind. As their website says, this commitment to that dream is what carried the brewery to where they are today!

Flying Bison Brewing makes a point to bottle heritage and experience in each bottle. Whether it is their Polonia Pils, for the Polskis here, Barleywine from back in 2014 or Fenian Ale, honoring the Gaelic Football team here in Buffalo! Their dedication to the city is clear with beers like Larkin Lager, honoring the historic Larkin building. They are frequent collaborators with other businesses in the 716, with multiple collaboration brews with Paula’s Donuts, Spot Coffee and Fowlers!

Where Flying Bison has truly earned their stripes is with their beer Rusty Chain. Rusty Chain has become one of the best selling craft beers since its inception, becoming synonymous with our city. Rusty Chain is just as recognizable a name as Big Ditch’s Hayburner or Ellicottville Brewing’s Blueberry Ale.

Location: 2840 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210