Froth Brewing Company: Liquid Lollipops, A Mission of Quality over Quantity

Froth Brewery saw its inception in 2017, when Jesse McLaughlin returned to Buffalo following a decade spent immersed in San Diego’s massive craft beer community—with a specific mission to bring that atmosphere back to the 716. McLaughlin linked up with a a pair childhood friends, who happen to be brothers, Travis and Eli Hale.

From there, the trio brainstormed and bounced ideas of each other until it became Froth Brewing, located in Riverside. When Froth opened, I remember the hype around the beers they were creating. I had a friend who was obsessed with their liquid lollipop series and would wait in their lines for drops.

It was clear at this point, what Froth had brewing was certainly quality. Their business has only grown since 2019, seeing the addition of food partners and even their own festivals, like Froth Fest 2023!

Froth Brewing is heaven for Sour lovers. Froth specializes in crafting delicious Sours, such as their Liquid Lollipop series, Sourbet and Bomb Pop editions. Froth Brewing has seen a jump in the sales of their beers, with the cans distributed across New York now and readily available in most places that carry craft beer in Buffalo.

Location: 700 Military Road, Buffalo, NY 14216