Labatt Brewhouse & The Draft Room: Bringing Canada Stateside

Labatt USA proudly unveils its inaugural innovation brewery, the Labatt Brew House. This remarkable establishment spans over 3,000 square feet and serves as both a brewery and a tasting room. Equipped with a 10-barrel, four-vessel brew house featuring 11 fermenters, Labatt USA pushes the boundaries of craft beer. To ensure a truly remarkable experience, beer enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite brews straight from eight brite tanks.

The innovation brewery provides an immersive setting for visitors to witness the meticulous brewing process while supporting Labatt’s quest to explore new beer styles. Beyond the brewery’s impressive interior, there is ample seating available, accommodating up to 200 guests. Additionally, a charming 4,000-square-foot seasonal outdoor beer garden welcomes an additional 100 patrons. The Labatt Brew House truly caters to every visitor, providing an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Remarkably, this multifaceted establishment goes beyond culinary delights and craft beer. Proudly hosting Labatt USA’s corporate headquarters on the second floor, the Brew House also welcomes Pegula Sports & Entertainment on floors three and four in early 2019. Moreover, the brew house features highly sought-after high-end residential apartments on the fifth floor. With a separate entrance for residents and office workers, this is truly a comprehensive and vibrant hub for beer enthusiasts, professionals, and residents alike. Be sure to visit the Labatt Brew House at its iconic location, 79 Perry Street, where the distinctive entrance is visible through transparent glass from within.

Location: 79 Perry Street, Buffalo, NY 14202