Lafayette Brewing Co.: Step Through A Portal In Time

If you ever have a desire to immerse yourself in Buffalo’s rich architectural history and drink a beer, Lafayette Brewing Company is just the place for you. Located in the historic Lafayette Tap Room of the Lafayette Hotel. The woodwork and stonework found in the inside of the hotel and bar are out of this world. A shimmering reminder of how strong and beautiful architecture used to be in our own city.

Lafayette Brewing Company is a part of the group that also owns Pearl Street Brewery and Riverworks. The brewpub’s beers are made and sold exclusively in-house, so you won’t be able to find these beers on any shelves anytime soon!

Their flagship beers include the Lackawanna Lager that is brewed with locally-sourced malt and a Roosevelt Red, a homage to the Pan-American Exposition that brought President McKinley here initially, but whose death ultimately brought Theodore Roosevelt here to be inaugurated after McKinley’s assassination.

Location: 391 Washington Street, Buffalo, NY 14203