Resurgence Brewing Co.

Reinvigorating Buffalo’s Love for Beer

Resurgence Brewing Co. has been one of the blazing stars of Buffalo’s massive and continually growing Brewing community. Resurgence stands out from the pack with their welcoming vibe and enormous space on Chicago St.; despite this, Resurgence has always remembered where they came from, never forgetting the motto “FU Awesome!”.

The story behind their company mantra, “FU Awesome!”, is definitely fascinating. It all started when their very first customer walked into their original location on Niagara Street and enthusiastically exclaimed, “Ohhh, Fuck You! This is Awesome!” It perfectly captured the core values of the company – fun and enjoyment – and the high standard they set and would continue to set for local craft beer.

The team at Resurgence Brewing Co. is comprised of hardworking individuals who genuinely love what they do. Citing that they driven by their dedication to creating exceptional, innovative beers and delivering an unforgettable beer experience. It’s no wonder they find their work enjoyable and often hang out around the taproom even after their shifts end, simply because they love being there and value each other’s company.

Quality is of utmost importance to Resurgence Brewing Co. Their beers, although some may unique and experimental, are held to the highest standards. The brewers are skilled professionals who continuously expand their craft through regular trainings, collaboration and teamwork.

One can’t help but notice the intriguing flavors Resurgence Brewing Co. offers. From the Loganberry Wit (my girlfriend’s favorite), reminiscent of cherished childhood memories, to the The Bridge Pilsener that is a crushable Czech inspired balanced beer, and let’s not forget about their Sponge Candy Stout, crafted using real sponge candy from Watson’s. The brewers at Resurgence love experimenting with tastes and pushing the boundaries of flavor profiles, often resulting in memorable brews that become customer favorites.

Resurgence Brewing Co. is absolutely a welcoming place. They encourage visitors to drop by, say hello, and engage in conversations about their brewing process and the delightful beer they create. It’s a space where questions are encouraged and you’ll always find a friendly face willing to provide insights. Their party spaces are exquisite as well.

It was a pleasure to discover Resurgence Brewing Company and their story. From their unique company mantra to their commitment to quality and creativity, they truly embody what it means to be passionate about craft beer.

Location: 55 Chicago St., Buffalo, NY 14204