Southern Tier: Something is Definitely Brewing South of Buffalo

When you think of local New York mainstays that are readily available and you’ve seen for years in grocery and beer stores, Southern Tier is likely one of the most recognizable brands we have coming out of the Empire State. Founded all the way back in 2002 by Phineas and Sara DeMink along with Allen Yahn, Southern Tier started out just a vision and dream of reviving small batch brewing out in the woods of Lakewood, New York.

From there, Southern Tier only continued to grown and spread their products across Upstate New York, Pennsylvania and even Ohio. Through the years, Southern Tier has extended their wings and taken flight in the past two decades, establishing satellite taprooms in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Charlotte. Most notably and recent, Southern Tier moved into the space formerly occupied by 716 Food and Sports in Downtown Buffalo’s Harborcenter in September of 2021.

With such a wide-ranging reach on customer base, Southern Tier has managed to tout a stacked roster of brews including Nu Haze, 2XIPA and everyone’s favorite fall beer, Pumking

Location: 7 Scott St, Buffalo, NY, 14203