42 North Brewing Company: Cultivating the Legacy of the 42nd Parallel

Located to the Southeast of the City of Buffalo exists a brewery entrenched in the root of our region, nourishing and cultivating the legacy of hops growing on the 42nd North Parallel. Inspired by the bountiful and full-bodied hops grown along the 42nd parallel grown during the late 1800’s and 1900’s, 42 North Brewing started their brewing journey with the mission of authenticity and quality.

Based out of East Aurora, this brewery has slowly become a staple of the Western New York brewing community. 42 North prides themselves on their “never compromise” attitude, seeking to satisfy the tastebuds of all beer enthusiasts. Their dedication to the 42nd parallel is clear with their can’s designs and beer names including their flagship brew, the Borderland IPA as well as session ale, Day Trekker. Their seasonal brews have made quite a splash with their Oatmeal Cookie Stout being a favorite in the region!

Location: 25 Pine Street East Aurora, NY 14052