Thin Man Brewery: An Ironically Thick Roster of Brews

Thin Man Brewery, is one of the most remarkable breweries we have here in Buffalo. Thin Man Brewery was established in 2016. Almost immediately, it became evident that their vision is deeply rooted in providing the Western New York community with a delightful experience, inclusive to all, and driven by forward-thinking practices in the craft beer industry.

In their words, Thin Man Brewery is Buffalo born and raised, and takes immense pride in serving the community by offering nothing short of good times, good beer, and good neighbors. Their dedication to Buffalo is undeniable, as they strive to make its mark on the global craft beer map through independent and collaborative innovation.

Their diverse beer portfolio is a testament to their commitment to go beyond the ordinary. Always staying on top of current beer trends, while also being inspired by the old world styles and cutting-edge brewing techniques, Thin Man Brewery ensures that Buffalo’s craft beer market is recognized as a prominent industry hub.

It’s apparent that Thin Man Brewery is not merely a place to grab a drink, but a story of passion, creativity, and a shared love for all things beer. Thin Man signifies a hub of creative innovation and collaboration that has led to their massive catalog of Beers. Next time you find yourself close to Thin Man on Chandler Street make sure to pay them a visit and experience their exceptional brewing expertise firsthand.

Location: 166 Chandler St., Buffalo, NY 14207