The Garage Bar and Restaurant

Auto Repair Shop to Restaurant

The auto repair shop’s transformation into a bar and restaurant wasn’t planned or a lifelong aspiration; rather, it arose from a unique set of circumstances, unwavering determination, and a sprinkle of creativity. The turning point came when the owner’s husband suffered a severe motorcycle accident, resulting in extensive injuries that required a year-long rehabilitation. Faced with this challenge, they made the difficult decision to close J&L Auto Repair, a business they had nurtured for 25 years. With their focus squarely on his recovery, running the shop became impossible. And so, driven by necessity and armed with resilience, they embarked on a new venture, breathing life into their establishment with a fresh and unexpected purpose – a place where cars are no longer the sole clientele, and patrons can indulge in culinary delights and intoxicating libations. It’s a story that highlights the power of adaptability and the pursuit of new beginnings.