Daisy’s Doghouse

North Buffalo’s Pet Store

Daisy’s Doghouse is a welcoming establishment where pet owners can bring their furry friends to interact, socialize, explore, converse, discover, and have a delightful time. Offering an extensive selection of top-quality products for cherished canines and fabulous felines, Daisy’s Doghouse has carefully curated a range of items sourced both locally and internationally. Not limited to just retail, this establishment warmly embraces diverse services, organizations, and events that foster stronger connections between pet owners and their furry companions, as well as the community at large.

The Doghouse is a pet boutique founded by Lisa and her dog, Daisy. Lisa, formerly with Great Arrow Graphics in the designer greeting card industry for 25 years, merged her passion for pets and art in 2015 to establish a distinctive shopping and social experience on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo. Thanks to the incredible support from customers, Daisy’s Doghouse continues to grow and expand with community-focused offerings.

The Pup Truck

The Pup Truck, a mobile dog food service, offers convenient delivery straight to your doorstep. Customers can place orders over the phone and have their purchases delivered to their homes. This unique food truck is not just for individual orders; it is also available for parties or events, making it a fantastic way to celebrate your furry friend or show appreciation to your animal-loving clientele. With its range of goodies on board, the Pup Truck is sure to please both pets and their owners alike.