Pod City Beer Labs

Pizza Plant Sets Feet In Brewing

Discover a slice of the good life at Pizza Plant at Canalside, where the scent of freshly-baked pizzas mingles with the aroma of handcrafted brews. Amidst the buzzing atmosphere, one can’t help but feel the vibrant spirit of Pod City Beer Labs. With a 3 and a half barrel system and three 7-barrel fermenters, this brewery is making waves in the local craft beer scene.

The journey to establish this haven of flavors started a couple of years ago. Fuelled by passion, determination, and a vision, Pizza Plant embarked on the adventure of creating their very own brewery. Days turned to weeks, as equipment was meticulously set up and funding secured. Two walls were even knocked down and repurposed, transforming a once-forgotten take-out area into the heart of the brewery.

The culmination of their efforts birthed two remarkable brews: Patsy’s Pilsner and Inferno Pod Ale. Both are now flowing freely and captivating palates with their distinct and tantalizing profiles. Patsy’s Pilsner, aptly named after the Pizza Plant founding duo’s grandfather, Pasquale Bucaria, pays homage to the family’s roots, while Inferno Pod Ale ignites the senses with its fiery hop character.

Behind the scenes, the passionate team driving the success of Pod City Beer Labs includes brewer Matt Redpath, who played a pivotal role in setting up the system. Another key player is Evan Flurry, a Brewmaster degree candidate from Sato Brewpub, who heads the brewing operations. Together, they ensure that every batch tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication.

Pod City Beer Labs now boasts a new addition to their tap lineup – the Lupulino New England IPA, delighting hop enthusiasts with its juicy and hazy appeal. With a total of five dedicated taps, Pizza Plant has truly become an experimental playground for flavors, forever pushing the boundaries.

But the journey doesn’t stop here. As Pizza Plant continues to make a mark in the local beer community, collaborations with other regional breweries are on the horizon. The tantalizing possibility of partnering with The Other Half brewery is currently in the works, promising a fusion of flavors to excite the taste buds. As part of this exciting venture, Pizza Plant also plans to offer a selection of The Other Half’s finest brews, further enriching the tap experience.

Initial feedback from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive. Dan, one of the founders, expressed his pleasure and gratitude for the support received during this early stage. With experienced brewers already expressing their interest in experimenting with the system, Pizza Plant is poised to collaboratively pave the way for an even more vibrant local beer scene.

Pizza Plant at Canalside and Pod City Beer Labs epitomize the harmonious blend of culinary excellence and craft beer mastery. Step into this world of delectable creations and join the journey of flavor exploration. Experience the essence of community collaboration, where passion, taste, and creativity converge, leaving no doubt that Pizza Plant is the place to be for craft beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike.