Nolo the Slayer

Nolo the Slayer has been building up a theme and discography that rivals that of many others rising out of the Buffalo music scene. Nolo the Slayer burst onto the scene around 2020-2021, performing at shows here and there. Even then, I could see and feel the stage presence and strength of his music.

Nolo the Slayer linked up with Gabriel Lavender in 2021 for their collaboration tape “NOT SO SWEET LIFE”, exhibited his prowess in the music scene. The release helped Nolo wedge himself as one of the best up-and-coming talents in the city.

This was made further visible by the support of scene heavyweights, Freak the Miighty and Ooze Gang. Nolo the Slayer continued to release singles throughout 2022, with performances throughout the year. Nolo the Slayer continued to shape his image and theme all 2022, with music video releases with 98Murr, encapsulating the entire culture and vibe with the visuals.

Bringing us to present day, Nolo the Slayer has recently released his album “I Love Slayer”, cementing his eclectic style of glitch-pop meets hip-hop. The hooks on the album signify Nolo’s growth as an artist, exhibiting a more complete and complex final product.