Born Buffalo’s exclusive membership program is designed for those who are passionate about discovering and celebrating the people, places, and projects that shape the vibrant city of Buffalo. This unique membership not only offers an insider’s look into what makes Buffalo truly special but also provides tangible benefits that enhance the member’s connection to the city.

Key Features of the Born Buffalo Membership:

1. Discover Buffalo’s Best: Members receive curated content and invitations to events that spotlight the innovators, creators, and community leaders driving Buffalo forward. This could range from behind-the-scenes tours of new art installations, meet-and-greets with local artisans, to previews of community projects.

2. Exclusive Access to Coupons and Promotions: Born Buffalo partners with a wide array of local businesses to offer members special discounts and promotions. These deals cover everything from dining and shopping to entertainment and services, allowing members to explore Buffalo’s diverse offerings while enjoying savings exclusive to them.

3. Daily Gift Card Giveaways: Every day, members have the chance to win gift cards from local businesses. This daily drawing not only supports Buffalo’s economy by encouraging spending within the community but also surprises members with delightful rewards regularly. Whether it’s a gift card to a beloved local restaurant, boutique, or entertainment venue, members have something exciting to look forward to each day.

4. Organize and Make a Difference: Membership includes access to a platform where members can learn about and engage with volunteer opportunities and community initiatives. This feature empowers members to contribute to the projects that make Buffalo a better place, aligning with their interests and skills.

5. Networking Opportunities: Born Buffalo creates occasions for members to connect with like-minded individuals who share a love and vision for the city. These networking events range from casual meetups to more structured gatherings, providing spaces for collaboration, friendship, and community building.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Support Local: By participating in the membership program, you’re actively supporting the local economy and contributing to the growth and sustainability of Buffalo’s unique culture.
  • Exclusive Savings: Enjoy the financial perks of exclusive deals and promotions, making exploration and support of local businesses more accessible and rewarding.
  • Be Informed and Involved: Stay ahead of the curve on what’s happening in Buffalo and find meaningful ways to contribute to its development and vibrancy.
  • Win Daily: The excitement of potentially winning a gift card each day adds an element of fun and anticipation, enhancing your daily connection to the community.

Membership in Born Buffalo is more than just a subscription; it’s a commitment to being part of the heartbeat of the city. It’s an opportunity to discover the depth and breadth of Buffalo’s spirit, save on local experiences, and actively contribute to the city’s future—all while being rewarded for your engagement and support.