Here’s how Born Buffalo Affiliates work:

  1. Become an Affiliate: Anyone can sign up to become an affiliate for Born Buffalo.
  2. Get Your Promo Code: Once you become an affiliate, you will receive a unique promo code.
  3. Share Your Promo Code: Share your promo code with others. This could be friends, family, or anyone interested in becoming a member of Born Buffalo.
  4. Earn Commission: When someone signs up to become a member of Born Buffalo using your promo code, you will earn a commission. Specifically, you will receive 20% of the sale from each person who signs up with your code. You will keep receiving 20% every time that same person who used your code renews their Born Buffalo membership.

In summary, you promote Born Buffalo, share your unique promo code, and earn money whenever someone uses your code to become a member. Sign in or create an account below to get access to the full page and form.

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