This past week we had the pleasure of joining Buffalo Open Coffee Club’s first meeting in their new space downtown in the Seneca One Building’s lobby. Calling all entrepreneurs, participants in the startup community, and business enthusiasts. Back in 2010, a small group (a packed morning was 10 people) of startup-interested folks used to gather for coffee on Tuesdays at Spot on Chippewa. It was the accidental founding of Buffalo’s startup community. Prior to the pandemic – Jack Greco and Clark Dever rebooted that concept and blew it up to 150 people a week.

This is not that, but it is an attempt to gather the startup community under a chill spot to talk with the other members of the community, to encourage chasing the impossible, and to be there for the community. So come, drink coffee with us, have a bagel with your favorite spreads, and invite every entrepreneur you know!


When: Tuesdays 7:30a-9a

Where: Seneca One Lobby