With the weather being so warm and wonderful, everyone is looking for that perfect bar with ambience and dont forget, prime outdoor seating! If you haven’t taken a trip down to High Violet located in the heart of the Elmwood Village, take this as a hint that now’s the time

While walking along Elmwood, you might miss it but don’t fret, there is always a sign welcoming you. Tucked away behind BUREAU, the eclectic, stark beautiful interior of High Violet transports you to a level of uncanny reminiscent of Twin Peak’s Red Room (In the best way possible).

We had heard fantastic things about their cocktails, so we had to make the walk over for a refreshing libation. In the same complex as Cafe Postscript, its modern, graceful, leveled wooden patio is perfect for an outdoor cocktail.

The entire vibe and theme going on over at High Violet is spot-on from the unique interior to clean leather menus with tidy descriptions. We ordered a “Challenger Deep” and a “Saturn”, with the former being comprised of Condesa Gin, Barr Hill Gin, house-made tonic, black lime and soda. The “Saturn” was a combination of gin, passion fruit, falernum, orgeat and lemon. They were absolutely delicious and refreshing. Not an exaggeration but the “Challenger Deep” may have been the greatest gin-and-tonic type drink ever.

We cannot co-sign High Violet enough, as it has cemented itself as one of the best cocktail bars and outdoor patio seating in our mind.