The Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo is more than just a holiday celebrating emancipation; it symbolizes community, heritage, and cultural pride. From its humble beginnings in 1976 as a culturally-relevant alternative to the country’s Bicentennial Celebration, the festival has grown into a beloved tradition. The festival will be held at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

In the heart of Buffalo, residents gather to appreciate African American culture through murals, ethnic foods, and entertainment, culminating in a parade marching towards the viewing stage located at E. Parade and Genesee Streets. It’s a remarkable display of love, strength, and solidarity, with the mission to actively preserve and promote African American heritage through educational and cultural activities that benefit the community as a whole.

Save the date for the 48th annual Juneteenth Parade this upcoming Saturday, June 17, 2023. Witness four divisions of parade marchers, beginning at Juneteenth of Buffalo Headquarters at 1517 Genesee Street at Moselle Street at 10:45 AM — a wondrous opportunity for families and friends to come together, experience joy and upliftment, and celebrate the remarkable juncture of the United States’ collective history.

The parade will be held at 10:45 on June 17th. The festival takes place on the 17th and 18th.