Buffalo, a city with a storied past, is home to many treasured institutions, and among them stands the Kittinger Furniture Company. Known for its exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to quality, Kittinger has not only furnished the homes of Buffalo’s residents but also has graced the interiors of the White House and various historic landmarks.

Founded in 1866 and incorporated later, Kittinger’s inception signaled the birth of a new standard in fine furniture that Buffalo would proudly claim as its own. For generations, the company has cultivated a reputation for creating handcrafted pieces that embody both luxury and timeless design. In this blog, we celebrate Kittinger’s incorporation, its prominent role in Buffalo’s history, and the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

A Heritage of Craftsmanship

Kittinger Furniture Company’s history is a tapestry of skilled artisans and forward-thinking leaders who have maintained the founder’s original vision. The incorporation of the company was more than a formal business procedure; it signified a pledge to continue Buffalo’s heritage of manufacturing excellence. Kittinger’s pieces have consistently been produced with an unparalleled attention to detail, using traditional woodworking methods passed down through the ages.

Furnishing America’s History

The Kittinger name carries the weight of historical significance as well. Their pièces de résistance have held places of honor in the White House, reflecting the trust and value placed in Buffalo’s craftsmanship on a national scale. The company has manufactured furniture for several Presidents, enhancing state rooms and offices with desks, chairs, and tables that command respect through their mere presence.

Buffalo’s Pride

To the residents of Buffalo, Kittinger represents more than just a furniture company; it is a symbol of the city’s industrious spirit and artistic flair. Kittinger Furniture Company’s commitment to maintaining production in Buffalo has solidified its status as a local icon. Its incorporation isn’t merely a date in history—it’s woven into the cultural fabric of the city, representing Buffalo’s resilience and creative prowess.

The Artisanship of the Future

Beyond its rich history, Kittinger continues to innovate while adhering to the values that have earned it an indelible spot in the cannon of American furniture-making. It embraces modern design trends and the changing needs of contemporary living spaces while never foregoing the artisanship that defines its brand. The company showcases how heritage and innovation can exist side by side, evolving without losing the soul of tradition.


The people of Buffalo know that the story of Kittinger Furniture Company is far from over. Its incorporation is a historical touchstone, yes, but it also serves as a living testament to the talent and passion that thrives in this city. Every dovetail joint and hand-rubbed finish speaks of Buffalo’s unyielding commitment to excellence, an attribute that will ensure Kittinger’s stature for generations to come.

To witness the artistry of Kittinger is to see the heart of Buffalo—a dedication to craft that has weathered time’s fickle currents. We celebrate, with a touch of Buffalo pride, the embodiment of our city’s spirit in every piece that leaves the Kittinger workshop, destined to become part of our shared legacy and the personal histories of those who enjoy them.

Incorporated they stand, not just as a company, but as an enduring chapter of Buffalo’s narrative. Kittinger Furniture is not just made; it is born of Buffalo and thus becomes a timeless emblem much like the city itself. Long may it continue to grace our homes and heritage sites alike.