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On May 31st 1905, The Albright Art Gallery, now known as the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, was dedicated. The gallery was designed by E.B. Green, whom has designed a handful of Buffalo’s greatest buildings, and was largely funded by John J. Albright, a wealthy industrialist.

The building was slated to be completed in time for the Pan-American Exposition in 1901 but unfortunately was not ready in time. The gallery’s design borrows from classic Greek and Hellenistic elements. In the beginning, it housed works of artists such as Camillie Corot, Rembrant Van Rijn and many more.

What are your fondest memories of the AKG and which is your favorite piece in their gallery?

Featured Restaurant

Big Ditch Brewing Company celebrates Buffalo’s roots with Big Ditch beer, an ode to the prosperity that followed the completion of the Erie Canal nearly two centuries ago. 🍻

You can visit their craft brewery and tap room located in downtown Buffalo, offering a delightful combination of Big Ditch beers and delectable cuisine in a vibrant downtown atmosphere.

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Featured Talent

YAMES is a versatile graphic artist skilled in hand-painted signs, typography, illustration, murals, and more. 🎨

One can find his creative contributions gracing various establishments in Buffalo. Want to learn more? Check out Born Buffalo 👇🏽

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