Discover Buffalo’s rich African American heritage by strolling through the Historic Michigan Street Corridor. Once the epicenter of the abolition movement in 1836, the bustling street went on to witness landmark moments like the desegregation of schools, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Jazz Age.

Despite urban decay and a slew of torn-down buildings since the 1970s, early preservationists were able to salvage some remaining iconic structures. Fast-forward to 2007, and a piece of NYS legislation paved the way for the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission. This iconic Heritage Area has received major funding in recent years, including a $75k grant and tireless advocacy from Majority Leader Peoples-Stokes, helping to ensure that the Corridor’s rich past is preserved for future generations.


“As an advocate for the community, the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission endeavors to integrate the African American cultural significance and impact on Buffalo’s history through public engagement, community education that will invigorate, inspire and enliven cultural appreciation, preservation and community development.” 


“The Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission (MSAAHCC) will serve as the connector of the past, present and the future for the historic neighborhoods within the Corridor.”

Core Values

“The guiding principles of our work and how the Commission operates 

As an advocate for community stakeholders MSAAHCC will:

  • Ensure that the Heritage Corridor is recognized regionally, nationally and internationally as a thriving livable community. 
  • Maintain the historic integrity of the Corridor. 
  • Direct a sustainable organization that is broad-reaching, inclusive and diverse.
  • Maintain and encourage on-going collaborative communication internally, and with private and public partners.
  • Operate as the facilitating agency which leads in the development of an economically inclusive and diverse Heritage Corridor.
  • Advocate for the interest of the individual cultural anchors within the Corridor.”

Learn more about the Historic Michigan Street Corridor on their website.

Make your plans to visit the Michigan Street Corridor today and immerse yourself in a piece of Buffalo’s proud African American history.