Born Buffalo Fundraisers

For Schools, Teams and Businesses

Here’s how Born Buffalo Fundraisers work:

  1. Get Your Promo Code: Request your promo code below.
  2. Share Your Promo Code: Share your promo code with your classmates, teammates or co-workers.
  3. Earn Commission: When someone signs up to become a member of Born Buffalo using your promo code, you will earn a commission. Specifically, you will receive 50% of the sale from each person who signs up with your code.

In summary, you promote Born Buffalo, share your unique promo code, and earn money whenever someone uses your code to become a member. Fill out the form below to apply to become a Born Buffalo affiliate.

*NOTE** Your fundraiser promo code is different from a affiliate code.

Enter your own custom promo code here. This is a request, so it’s not guaranteed this will be your code. If your code isn’t already taken and is appropriate, your code will be accepted. If not, we will give you a promo code.
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