Spare Lanes


512 Pearl St Suite 150, Buffalo, NY 14202

About Spare Lanes

Spare Lanes, nestled at 512 Pearl St Suite 150 in Buffalo, NY, offers a unique twist on the traditional bowling alley experience, blending entertainment, dining, and socializing in a contemporary setting. This venue has reimagined the classic pastime with a modern flair, making it an appealing destination for both avid bowlers and those looking for a vibrant nightlife or a fun family outing.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art bowling lanes that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned players. With advanced scoring systems and comfortable seating areas at each lane, Spare Lanes prioritizes convenience and enjoyment for its guests. The atmosphere is designed to be welcoming and energetic, featuring ambient lighting and music that enhances the overall experience.

Beyond bowling, Spare Lanes offers a variety of entertainment options. The venue often hosts live music, DJ nights, and other events, creating a lively social scene that attracts a diverse crowd. For those interested in more than just bowling, there are also arcade games and other interactive activities that add to the fun.

Culinary experiences play a significant role at Spare Lanes, with a menu that goes well beyond the typical bowling alley fare. Guests can enjoy a selection of gourmet dishes, snacks, and inventive cocktails, all crafted with quality ingredients and a creative touch. The dining area is stylishly designed, providing a comfortable space for guests to relax and socialize over a meal or drink.

Spare Lanes also accommodates private events and parties, offering customizable packages that can include bowling, dining, and access to all the venue’s amenities. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, corporate event, or casual get-together, the staff at Spare Lanes works to ensure that every occasion is memorable and tailored to the guest’s needs.

In summary, Spare Lanes in Buffalo, NY, is not just a bowling alley but a comprehensive entertainment complex that marries the joy of bowling with the pleasures of fine dining and lively events. Its modern approach to a beloved pastime makes it a standout destination for those looking to enjoy a night out, host an event, or simply have a good time with family and friends.

Buffalo Location

512 Pearl St Suite 150, Buffalo, NY 14202