Escape City


750 Young St, Tonawanda, NY 14150

About Escape City

Escape City Buffalo is a premier escape room venue located at 750 Young Street in Tonawanda, NY, offering a unique blend of interactive, live-action gaming experiences that challenge participants to think critically, solve puzzles, and work as a team. The venue has crafted several themed rooms designed with Hollywood-quality sets that immerse players into the storyline, providing an unparalleled escape game experience. Escape City Buffalo positions itself as Buffalo’s first adult-only escape game venue, adding an intriguing twist to the traditional escape room concept.

The games offered at Escape City Buffalo include:

  • Over The Falls: A thrilling adventure where Canadian pirates have captured your ship, leaving you to find a way to escape before plummeting over Niagara Falls. This game is designed for 4-10 players and includes mild restraints, with a warning that participants may get wet during their 60-minute quest.
  • The Hangover: Inspired by a wild night out, this scenario places you and your friends in a Las Vegas hotel suite. You must piece together the events of the previous night and escape before the Russian Mafia arrives to reclaim their stolen money. This adult-themed game requires all participants to be at least 18 years old and accommodates 4-10 players within a 60-minute time frame.
  • Body Collectors: A horror-themed game that tests your worthiness to continue living or become part of the Body Collectors’ gruesome collection. Designed for 4-8 players, this game involves restraints, crawling, and strobe lighting, providing a spine-chilling experience over 60 minutes.

Escape City Buffalo emphasizes privacy and customization for its guests by making all games private once booked for the minimum number of players required. This ensures a more personalized and immersive experience. The venue also caters to large groups and corporate events, offering special rates and the option to engage in post-game evaluations with a Game Master.

For those looking to celebrate special occasions, Escape City Buffalo offers a VIP Party Room equipped with catering and alcoholic drink options, making it an ideal venue for birthdays, team-building events, or just a unique night out with friends.

The venue’s operational hours are Tuesday through Sunday by reservation only, with specific age restrictions applied to each game to ensure appropriate content and safety for all participants. Participants are advised to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and footwear, as high heels are strictly prohibited in the games.

Escape City Buffalo stands out not only for its engaging and challenging escape rooms but also for its commitment to creating memorable, immersive experiences. Whether you’re escaping from pirates, solving the mystery of a wild night gon

Tonawanda Location

750 Young St, Tonawanda, NY 14150