Blackman Homestead Farm

Blackman Homestead Farm, a cherished agricultural landmark nestled on the picturesque Niagara Escarpment in Western New York, has been a beacon of family farming and community engagement for over a century. Owned and operated by the Blackman family for six generations, this 160-acre farm epitomizes the dedication and passion for sustainable agriculture and local produce.

History and Heritage

Since its establishment in 1852, Blackman Homestead Farm has maintained a commitment to traditional farming practices while incorporating modern techniques that enhance sustainability and environmental stewardship. The farm’s deep roots in the region reflect a longstanding history of agricultural excellence and community service.

Products and Offerings

The farm is renowned for its diverse range of products, including U-pick apples and pears, showcasing the richness of the land and the care taken in cultivating these fruits. Visitors can also enjoy craft hard cider produced under the Blackman Cider Company brand, a testament to the farm’s innovation and dedication to creating high-quality, locally sourced beverages.

In addition to fruit, the farm offers other farm-fresh products such as fruit butters, fresh Thanksgiving turkeys, and homegrown beef. These offerings highlight the farm’s commitment to providing a variety of locally sourced, high-quality agricultural products to the community.

Visitor Experience

Blackman Homestead Farm is not just a place to purchase fresh produce; it’s an experience. With activities such as U-pick orchards and a petting area, the farm provides a family-friendly atmosphere that has become a cherished annual tradition for many visitors. The scenic beauty of the Niagara Escarpment further enhances the visitor experience, making it an enjoyable and memorable outing for individuals and families alike.