Greg’s U-Pick Farm


9270 Lapp Rd, Clarence Center, NY 14032

About Greg’s U-Pick Farm

Greg’s U-Pick Farm, nestled in Clarence Center, New York, is a family-owned and operated farm that has been providing a unique and delightful agricultural experience since 1987. This charming farm is celebrated for its wide range of “U-Pick” opportunities, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the joy of harvesting their own fresh produce directly from the fields.

The farm spans across a generous acreage dedicated to various crops, featuring over 12 acres of U-Pick strawberries, 8 acres of U-Pick blueberries, and 2 acres of U-Pick red raspberries. This variety ensures that visitors can enjoy a bounty of fresh berries throughout the growing season, each offering its own unique taste and picking experience.

Beyond berries, Greg’s U-Pick Farm also offers a selection of vegetables grown with care and passion. According to reviews, the veggies are homegrown, delicious, and very well organized in the barn, making it easy for visitors to select their favorites to take home.

One of the farm’s highlights includes special events that cater to families and individuals alike. Events like “Mother’s Day on the Farm” and “Blueberry Bonanza” provide themed activities and celebrations that enhance the farm visit experience. Additionally, the farm offers a “U-Plant Before U-Pick” event, encouraging visitors to engage in the planting process, further connecting them with the cycle of farm life.

Greg’s U-Pick Farm also operates a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program starting in spring, offering shares that provide members with a weekly selection of fresh, seasonal produce. This program not only supports the farm’s sustainable practices but also fosters a closer relationship between the farm and the community.

For those looking to celebrate or educate in a farm setting, Greg’s U-Pick Farm welcomes groups, parties, and field trips. The farm’s picturesque landscape and hands-on activities make it an ideal location for gatherings that seek a touch of nature and farming life.

The farm’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook allows followers to stay updated on crop availability, special events, and the day-to-day beauty of farm life. Through these channels, Greg’s U-Pick Farm showcases the fruits of their labor and the joy that comes from farming and sharing the harvest with the community.

In summary, Greg’s U-Pick Farm offers a rich, hands-on agricultural experience that connects visitors with the source of their food in a fun and engaging way. Whether picking berries, participating in special events, or simply enjoying the beauty of the farm, visitors to Greg’s U-Pick Farm are sure to leave with not just fresh produce, but also cherished memories.

Clarence Location

9270 Lapp Rd, Clarence Center, NY 14032