Kelkenberg Farm


9270 Wolcott Rd, Clarence Center, NY 14032

About Kelkenberg Farm

Kelkenberg Farm, with locations in Clarence and Akron, New York, stands as a beloved destination for families, school groups, and anyone looking to experience the charm and joy of farm life. This family-operated farm offers a plethora of activities and events year-round, ensuring that each visit is filled with new discoveries and fun.

At the heart of Kelkenberg Farm’s appeal are the hands-on experiences it provides. Visitors have the opportunity to interact closely with a variety of farm animals, creating memorable moments for children and adults alike. The farm places a strong emphasis on educational farm tours, making it an ideal venue for school field trips and educational outings where participants can learn about farming practices, animal care, and the importance of agriculture in daily life.

During the fall season, Kelkenberg Farm transforms into a quintessential autumn wonderland. Guests are invited to enjoy traditional farm activities such as horse-drawn hayrides to the pumpkin patch, where they can pick their own pumpkins. The farm also offers pony rides, adding to the excitement and fun of the visit. The inclusion of a farm market and bakery allows visitors to take home a piece of the farm, whether it be fresh produce or delicious baked goods.

The farm’s presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provides a window into the vibrant life at Kelkenberg Farm. Through these channels, the farm shares updates on activities, seasonal events, and snapshots of daily farm life, engaging with the community and inviting them to be part of the farm’s ongoing story.

One of the unique offerings highlighted on the farm’s website is the upcoming extravaganza on April 8th, promising an event that will “eclipse the ordinary.” Such special events are a testament to Kelkenberg Farm’s commitment to providing extraordinary experiences that go beyond the typical farm visit.

Reviews on Yelp for Kelkenberg Farm paint a picture of a welcoming, family-friendly environment where guests can immerse themselves in the joys of farm life. With activities ranging from visiting the animals and enjoying pony rides to participating in U-pick pumpkins and sunflowers, there’s no shortage of things to do and explore.

In conclusion, Kelkenberg Farm of Clarence and Akron offers a rich, engaging experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking to learn more about farming, enjoy the simple pleasures of a hayride, or simply spend a day surrounded by the beauty of nature, Kelkenberg Farm promises a visit filled with fun, education, and unforgettable memories.

Clarence Location

9270 Wolcott Rd, Clarence Center, NY 14032