Bayview Raceway & Golf


3808 Bayview Rd, Hamburg, NY 14219

About Bayview Raceway & Golf

Bayview Raceway & Golf, located at 3808 Bayview Rd in Hamburg, NY 14219, represents a unique blend of motorsport thrill and leisurely golfing experience, making it an exceptional destination for recreation and entertainment. This venue combines the excitement of raceway action with the calm and concentration of golf, offering a diverse range of activities that cater to enthusiasts of all ages.

The raceway section is known for its well-maintained tracks, where visitors can engage in go-kart racing, among other motorsport activities. The electric atmosphere, competitive races, and top-notch safety measures make it a favorite among adrenaline seekers. This part of Bayview offers a thrilling experience for both seasoned racers and novices eager to get behind the wheel.

On the flip side, the golf aspect of Bayview Raceway & Golf provides a contrasting experience. Here, guests can enjoy a serene and meticulously designed golf course that challenges both beginners and experienced players. The course is notable for its picturesque landscapes, strategic hole placements, and smooth greens, ensuring a satisfying game for golf aficionados.

In addition to racing and golf, Bayview Raceway & Golf might offer amenities such as a clubhouse for relaxing after a day’s activities, a pro shop equipped with all necessities for golfing and racing, and dining options serving delicious refreshments and meals.

Overall, Bayview Raceway & Golf stands out as a versatile venue that blends speed and sport with tranquility and precision, making it a unique spot for family outings, friend gatherings, or individual adventures in Hamburg, NY.

Hamburg Location

3808 Bayview Rd, Hamburg, NY 14219