Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park


1 Naval, Marina Park S, Buffalo, NY 14202

About Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, nestled on the scenic bank of the Buffalo River in Buffalo, NY, stands as a prominent tribute to the United States’ naval and military history. As the largest inland naval park in the nation, this remarkable site offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to explore historical naval ships, aircraft, and memorabilia that span different eras of American military service.

Key Attractions

The park is home to three major naval vessels, each with its own unique story and contribution to U.S. military history:

  • USS The Sullivans (DD-537): A World War II-era Fletcher-class destroyer, named in honor of the five Sullivan brothers who lost their lives during the war. The ship serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by families during times of conflict.
  • USS Little Rock (CLG-4): A Cold War-era guided missile cruiser that showcases the technological advancements in naval warfare during the latter half of the 20th century.
  • USS Croaker (SSK-246): A Gato-class submarine that served during World War II, offering insights into the stealth and strategic operations of underwater warfare.

Additionally, the park features PTF 17, a fast patrol boat, along with various aircraft and smaller artifacts that represent the diverse aspects of military service across all branches of the Armed Forces.

Educational Experience

Visitors to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park can embark on self-guided tours through the decks of these historic ships, gaining a firsthand understanding of life at sea and the operational complexities of naval vessels. The park’s exhibits provide detailed narratives of the ships’ histories, the roles they played in military campaigns, and the evolution of naval technology over the years.

Community and Cultural Significance

As a waterfront attraction, the park not only contributes to the cultural and educational landscape of Buffalo but also serves as a site of remembrance and honor for veterans and their families. It plays a pivotal role in community events, including memorial services and patriotic celebrations, reinforcing the importance of remembering and learning from history.

Visiting Information

The park operates seasonally, typically from late March to November, with office staff working regular business hours throughout the year. The 2024 season began on Saturday, March 23, welcoming visitors to explore its rich collections and exhibits. Admission prices and tour details are available on the park’s official website Buffalo Naval Park.

Online Presence and Support

For those interested in supporting the park or staying updated on upcoming events and exhibits, the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park maintains an active presence on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, as well as through its official website. The park’s dedication to preservation efforts, such as the ongoing repairs to USS The Sullivans, highlights its commitment to maintaining these historical assets for future generations.

In summary, the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park offers a unique lens through which visitors can explore the United States’ naval and military heritage. Through its comprehensive exhibits and educational programs, the park fosters a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and achievements of the armed forces, making it a must-visit destination in Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo Location

1 Naval, Marina Park S, Buffalo, NY 14202