Buffalo Harbor Museum


66 Erie St, Buffalo, NY 14202

About Buffalo Harbor Museum

The Buffalo Harbor Museum, as detailed on its dedicated website, stands as a pivotal institution committed to the preservation, appreciation, and dissemination of maritime history, art, and science, with a particular emphasis on Buffalo, NY, and the Niagara Frontier. Located conveniently for visitors in Buffalo, this museum occupies a historically significant building that once housed the Howard H. Baker and Company, a long-time ship chandler vital to the port’s maritime activities.

The museum’s mission is multifaceted, aiming not only to collect, preserve, and exhibit objects of historic, artistic, and scientific interest but also to educate the public about the rich maritime heritage of the area. It provides an expansive overview of the history and development of Buffalo’s waterfront, connecting artifacts and photographs to the trade and industry that established Buffalo as a significant port of commerce.

Among its many features, the museum boasts a variety of exhibits that span the breadth of maritime interests. Highlights include the history of Buffalo’s grain elevators, the Canadiana & Crystal Beach, palatial passenger steamers of the Great Lakes, shipbuilding in Buffalo, models of Great Lakes freighters, and the profound influence of the Erie Basin and the Erie Canal on Buffalo’s development. Additionally, the museum maintains a research library open to the public, offering resources for deeper exploration into maritime subjects.

The museum also engages with the community through regular meetings featuring guest speakers on maritime topics, and it publishes a bimonthly newsletter filled with recent maritime activity around the Harbor of Buffalo, historical articles, and features on significant harbor events, people, and ships that have played a role in the city’s maritime past. Notable publications by the museum include “The Buffalo Waterfront – A History in Pictures,” a comprehensive guide to Buffalo’s Inner and Outer Harbor, and “Fire and Water: Disasters on the Buffalo Harbor and Surrounding Waterfront,” detailing various disasters that have occurred in the region.

Open to the public on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the Buffalo Harbor Museum offers both regular visiting hours and the option for special group tours. Within its inviting setting, visitors can find a gift shop and access to an archival image library, further enriching the museum experience. The museum’s location and its proximity to other local attractions make it a convenient and enriching stop for those interested in exploring Buffalo’s waterfront and maritime history.

Buffalo Location

66 Erie St, Buffalo, NY 14202