Buffalo Harbor Museum

Buffalo Harbor Museum, an institution focused on celebrating and disseminating the maritime history, art, and science of Buffalo, NY, and the broader Niagara Frontier region. The museum is dedicated to increasing public knowledge and appreciation of Buffalo’s rich maritime heritage through a variety of means, including exhibits, a research library, educational meetings, and publications.

Key Features of the Buffalo Harbor Museum:

  • Exhibits: The museum offers a range of exhibits that provide insights into the history and development of Buffalo’s waterfront. These displays relate artifacts and photographs to the trade and industry pivotal in making Buffalo a significant port of commerce.
  • Research Library: Open to the public, the museum maintains a research library that serves as a resource for individuals interested in maritime history. This feature underscores the museum’s commitment to education and scholarly research.
  • Educational Programs: Regular meetings featuring guest speakers on maritime topics are part of the museum’s efforts to foster a deeper understanding of maritime history among the public. These programs contribute to the museum’s mission of diffusion of knowledge.
  • Publications: The museum publishes a bimonthly newsletter detailing recent maritime activities around the Harbor of Buffalo and historical articles about significant harbor events, people, and ships. It has also published books such as “The Buffalo Waterfront – A History in Pictures” and “Fire and Water: Disasters on the Buffalo Harbor and Surrounding Waterfront”, further contributing to its educational mission.
  • Membership: The museum encourages public participation and support through membership. Members receive benefits such as newsletters, discounts at the museum’s gift store, and more, all while supporting the museum’s preservation efforts.
  • Gift Shop: A modest gift shop and an online store offer souvenirs and gifts reflecting the history and culture of the Buffalo Waterfront, with all profits supporting the museum’s programs and educational efforts.

Location and Hours:

The museum is housed in a historically significant building that was once home to the Howard H. Baker and Company, a ship chandler company. It is conveniently located close to other attractions such as the Naval and Serviceman’s Park and the Central Wharf, making it an accessible destination for those interested in exploring Buffalo’s maritime history. The museum is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 AM to 3 PM, with arrangements available for special group tours on off days.

Community Engagement:

The Buffalo Harbor Museum stands as a testament to Buffalo’s maritime legacy, offering a warm and inviting setting where visitors can explore the evolution of the Buffalo Waterfront and learn about the vessels that sailed the Great Lakes. The museum’s efforts to collect, preserve, and display objects of historic, artistic, and scientific interest related to maritime history not only serve to educate but also to preserve this heritage for future generations.

In summary, the Buffalo Harbor Museum represents a significant cultural and educational resource for the City of Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier, dedicated to preserving and sharing the maritime history that has played a crucial role in the region’s development.


66 Erie St. Buffalo, NY 14202