Pierce-Arrow Museum

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum, located at 263 Michigan Avenue at the corner of Seneca Street in Buffalo, New York, is a captivating destination for automotive enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of automotive excellence in Buffalo, the museum offers an extensive collection that highlights the city’s significant contributions to transportation history.

About the Museum

The museum celebrates the legacy of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company, a symbol of luxury and innovation in the early 20th century. Visitors can explore an array of exhibits that include beautifully restored Pierce-Arrow vehicles, which were once the preferred mode of transportation for U.S. presidents, celebrities, and the elite of society. The museum also pays homage to other historical vehicles and artifacts related to the broader transportation history of Buffalo and the United States.

Key Exhibits and Features

  • Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company History: The museum delves into the fascinating evolution of the George N. Pierce Company from manufacturing household items to becoming a renowned producer of luxury automobiles. The company’s innovations, such as the fender light and the iconic Helmeted Archer hood ornament, are highlighted.
  • The Thomas Flyer: Another significant exhibit is the story of the Thomas Flyer and its historic victory in the 1908 New York to Paris Race. This remarkable event showcased the durability and reliability of American automobiles on a global stage, marking a pivotal moment in automotive history.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Filling Station: The museum also features a full-scale, operational filling station designed by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This unique exhibit represents Wright’s vision for the future of automobile travel and serves as an “ornament to the pavement.”

Visiting Information

While the museum’s hours of operation may vary, it generally welcomes visitors interested in exploring its collections and learning about the impact of the automotive industry on American society. Admission fees are set at $20 for adults and seniors, and $10 for children 12 and under, making it an accessible option for families and individuals alike.

Events and Programs

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum hosts various events throughout the year, including car shows, educational programs, and special exhibitions. These events offer additional opportunities for visitors to engage with automotive history and the community.

Contact and Social Media

For those looking to plan a visit or learn more about current exhibitions, the museum can be contacted at 716.853.0084. Additionally, the museum maintains a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Trip Advisor, providing updates and insights into its offerings and events.

In summary, the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum stands as a testament to Buffalo’s rich automotive heritage, offering an in-depth look at the vehicles, individuals, and innovations that shaped the transportation industry. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply curious about history, the museum offers a fascinating journey through time.


263 Michigan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14203