Discover the vibrant and eclectic ART247 Arts Center, situated by the picturesque Historic Erie Canal in Lockport, NY.

Nestled within the esteemed “Lowertown Historic District” on the National Register of Historic Places, this cultural haven was initially established as Market Street Art Studios. Throughout the years, it has garnered a renowned reputation for delivering unparalleled arts education, captivating exhibitions, and supporting local talent in the Western New York (WNY) Region.

ART247 endeavors to cultivate a thriving artistic community, uniting resident, local, and regional artists, who ignite the passion for arts through their vivid creations, skillful craftsmanship, and dedicated education efforts. We extend an open invitation for you to immerse yourself in our vibrant and diverse arts fraternity. Unleash your creative spirit as you explore the extraordinary world of the Arts!

Locations: Buffalo