The Castellani Art Museum (CAM), situated at the heart of the Niagara University grounds, is unwavering in its dedication to the celebration of artistic creativity and its educational potential. Serving as a prominent catalyst for the visual arts in Niagara County, CAM boasts a permanent collection of over 5,000 predominantly modern and contemporary art pieces. The museum remains steadfast in its commitment to the professional care and preservation of this invaluable artwork.

Aligned with the Vincentian mission of Niagara University, CAM actively acknowledges and embraces the diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities of the Niagara region. Driven by this recognition, the museum takes pride in curating and presenting exhibitions that honor and delve into the artistic traditions and contemporary output of these diverse communities. Furthermore, in its unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity, CAM actively collaborates with various partners, seeking to redefine and explore the evolving relationship between the museum and its audience.

As an esteemed university museum, the Castellani Art Museum serves as an educational hub for the community, engaging in fruitful collaborations with Niagara University faculty. This dynamic cooperation results in integrative learning projects curated for college students, further enriching their educational experiences. Additionally, CAM extends its art education programs to area schools and cultural organizations, wholeheartedly embracing its role in nurturing the artistic growth and development of future generations. Hand in hand with dedicated educators, the museum continuously develops art-based learning initiatives, designed to foster critical thinking and inspire creativity.

Locations: 5795 Lewiston Road, 7 Varsity Dr, Niagara Univ, NY 14109