It should come as no surprise that Buffalo’s cultural and culinary hub has also become a hotspot for amazing public art. I start my journey through downtown Buffalo at a mural that implores me in big, bold letters to “KEEP BUFFALO A SECRET” (836 Main St.) painted with the help of Ian de Beer in collaboration with Oxford Pennant and Jake the Sign Guy. I add an image to my Instagram story and continue down Main, past the beautiful St. Louis Church and to the powerful “Love Black” mural at 712 Main St. by Edreys Wajed.

The saying originated from Oxford Pennant, a company based in Buffalo, and quickly gained popularity among the locals. The city is known for its friendly residents, abundant activities, delectable cuisine, thriving beer scene, and countless other attractions. Collaborating with Oxford Pennant, local artist Ian De Beer transformed the original t-shirt into a magnificent mural.

Buffalo Niagara Public Art