Big League Chew


Rob Nelson in the bullpen of Civic Stadium

18 Newton Ave, Akron, NY 14001

About Big League Chew

Big League Chew was invented in 1977 by Portland Mavericks left-handed pitcher Rob Nelson and the team’s batboy Todd Field, with significant support from Jim Bouton, a former New York Yankees pitcher and author of “Ball Four,” who was also a Maverick. The idea came about in the Mavericks’ bullpen, aiming to create a bubble gum alternative to the tobacco chewing habit prevalent among baseball players.

The concept was for shredded bubble gum packed in a pouch, mimicking the look and feel of chewing tobacco but offering a fun, safe alternative. Nelson and Bouton pitched the idea to the Wrigley Company, which brought Big League Chew to market in 1980.

For many years, Big League Chew was manufactured by the Amurol Confections Company, a subsidiary of the Wrigley Company, in Yorkville, Illinois. After Wrigley was acquired by Mars, Incorporated, manufacturing moved to Ford Gum & Machine Co., located in Akron, New York, where it continues to be produced.

Akron Location

18 Newton Ave, Akron, NY 14001