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Cadwallader C.Washburn formed the Minneapolis Milling Company 1866

Washburn-Crosby brought General Mills to Buffalo NY

54 S Michigan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14203

About General Mills

While specific details about the initial acquisition and the timeline may vary, General Mills’ operation in Buffalo has been a significant chapter in the company’s history, particularly because of the plant’s role in producing some of General Mills’ most popular cereal brands, including Cheerios. This facility has not only contributed substantially to the local economy but also become a cultural landmark in Buffalo, famously known for the smell of toasted oats that often permeates the surrounding area.

In the context of Buffalo, it’s important to note that the city has a rich industrial history, including a significant presence in the food production sector. The General Mills plant in Buffalo became one of the key facilities in the company’s operations, particularly known for producing Cheerios and other cereal products. This plant has been an integral part of Buffalo’s industrial landscape for many decades, contributing significantly to both the local economy and the community’s identity, notably with the iconic aroma of toasted oats that can be smelled in the area around the plant.

Without specific dates and details regarding the acquisition, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when General Mills took over the Buffalo facility. However, it’s clear that General Mills’ presence in Buffalo has had a long-standing impact, making the city an important hub for cereal production within the company’s vast network of manufacturing sites.

Cheerios, the iconic American cereal, was invented by Lester Borchardt and his team at the food company General Mills in 1941. At the time, General Mills was looking to expand beyond its traditional flour products and into the ready-to-eat cereal market. Borchardt, who was an engineer with the company, faced significant challenges in developing the process to create the cereal’s distinctive O shape. Despite initial skepticism from his superiors about the feasibility of the project due to its required investment and technological innovations, Borchardt persisted.

Through experimentation and innovation, Borchardt and his team succeeded in creating a puffing gun that could transform oats into the small, ring-shaped puffs known today as Cheerios. Originally introduced as CheeriOats, the name was changed to Cheerios in 1945 due to a trademark dispute. The cereal quickly became a staple in American households, beloved for its taste, nutritional value, and unique shape. Today, Cheerios remains one of the most popular cereals globally, with a variety of flavors catering to diverse tastes.

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54 S Michigan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14203