Sahlen Packing Co.


Joseph Sahlen in Buffalo, New York

318 Howard St, Buffalo, NY 14206

About Sahlen Packing Co.

Sahlen Packing Co., Inc. is a renowned name in the meat processing industry, with a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1869. Founded by Joseph Sahlen, the company started its operations in Buffalo, New York, and has since grown to become a prominent producer of high-quality meat products. Sahlen’s dedication to tradition, quality, and innovation has made it a beloved brand among consumers seeking premium meats.

Best known for its hot dogs, Sahlen’s offers a range of meat products that include smoked sausages, ham, turkey, and other delicatessen items. The company prides itself on using only the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes to create products that deliver exceptional taste and quality. Sahlen’s hot dogs, in particular, have become a staple at cookouts and sporting events across the region, celebrated for their distinctive flavor and superior texture.

Over the years, Sahlen has maintained its commitment to craftsmanship and quality, blending traditional methods with modern technology to ensure the highest standards of food safety and product excellence. This approach has allowed Sahlen to preserve the homemade taste and authenticity of its products while meeting the demands of today’s consumers.

Sahlen Packing Co. has also built a strong sense of community and heritage, with a deep-rooted history in Buffalo that spans over 150 years. The company’s endurance through generations highlights its adaptability and unwavering dedication to providing customers with the best possible products.

Despite its expansion and the evolution of its product line, Sahlen remains a family-owned and operated business, with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and sustainability. The company’s long-standing reputation and loyal customer base are testaments to its success in adhering to these values, making Sahlen Packing Co. a respected and enduring figure in the meat processing industry.

Buffalo Location

318 Howard St, Buffalo, NY 14206