Steve Peet

Steven Peet, an accomplished architect, seeks to delve into the often overlooked aspects of our built environment, shedding light on the elements that enable our lifestyles. His focus lies on the urban subjects, unnatural in nature, which are responsible for this symbiotic relationship. By immersing himself in seemingly sterile and innocuous elements of our daily experiences, he unveils a reality that is profoundly flawed and unjust.

His research revolves around understanding the implications of being born into a system that relies on synthetic environments. Through his work, Steven aims to bridge the gap between detachment and engagement, offering a glimpse into the ordinary moments that constitute our lives. Simultaneously, he exposes the manufactured sense of innocence that underlies the very foundation of a system that threatens our existence.

Steven Peet’s educational background includes studies at the University at Buffalo and the Henry van de Velde Instituut in Antwerp, Belgium. He holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Architecture. While working as a licensed architect in Rochester, NY, he has embraced art as a stabilizing yet disruptively constructive force. With a keen sketching prowess, he explores the intricacies of his subjects using acrylic paint. Art has always been intrinsic to his way of thinking, serving as his primary tool for perceiving and comprehending the world.