Juliana (Jumaoyu)

Juliana, better known by her Instagram name Jumaoyu, is a lifestyle blogger and social media influencer based in Buffalo, New York. With her unique perspective and creative eye, she has gained a significant following on various social media platforms.

Exploring the City of Buffalo

One of the main reasons for Juliana’s popularity is her candid photography. Her Instagram feed is full of aesthetically pleasing photos that showcase her life in Buffalo and other cities she visits. From colorful street art to delicious looking food, Juliana captures the essence of each location she visits. Her keen eye for detail and composition makes her photos stand out from the rest.

Reheated Vintage

Aside from being a lifestyle blogger, Juliana also runs a page called Reheated Vintage. This platform allows her to combine her love for fashion and the Buffalo Bills football team. She curates and sells vintage Buffalo Bills gear, as well as other vintage goodies, giving her followers a chance to own a piece of nostalgia. Juliana’s unique and fun style shines through in Reheated Vintage, making it a popular destination for vintage lovers and Buffalo Bills fans alike.