Phoebe Wright

Phoebe has always had a deep-rooted passion for storytelling, which dates back to her childhood. She was known for crafting imaginative plays for the kids in her neighborhood, and even her American Girl Dolls enthusiastically took on the roles when others grew tired. Immersed in books that transported her to distant lands, Phoebe’s aspiration was to bring those captivating tales to life.

During the exhausting audition season of 2018, Phoebe found herself feeling drained and disillusioned. Seeking a creative outlet to share her beloved stories in a refreshing manner, Read & Wright was born.

Now residing in New York with her husband and adorable canine companion, Phoebe devotes her time to devouring literature amidst juggling side jobs and auditions. Within her website, visitors can uncover compelling book reviews, glimpses into her personal life, and indulge in her podcast, “Read It Or List It with Shelf Love.” Phoebe’s ultimate goal is to assist readers in discovering their next cherished book.