Lindsay Robson

Lindsay, hailing from the bustling city of Buffalo, New York (fondly referred to as the Nickel City), is deeply enamored with her hometown. Her passion for this vibrant place knows no bounds, as she finds daily inspiration in the resilient people who call it home.

Nickel City Gritty & Buffalo Public Art

As the creative force behind the captivating Nickel City Gritty series, Lindsay takes great pride in showcasing the remarkable individuals who live, work, love, and play in Buffalo. Additionally, she dives into the thriving art scene through her ongoing project, Buffalo Public Art.

WNY Mocktails

Lindsay, like many others, doesn’t drink and prefers tasty non-alcoholic beverages when socializing. To help others looking for the best mocktails in WNY, Lindsay compiled a list of sober-friendly bars and restaurants that excel in the mocktail game. The list includes locations, website links, and drink ingredients (if available). While some drinks may be seasonal, friendly bartenders will happily create equally delicious alternatives.

Buffalo Blogging Network and “When’s Food?”

Not only is Lindsay the founder of the esteemed Buffalo Blogging Network, but she also forms one-fourth of the lively “When’s Food?” podcast quartet. Their random discussions lead to an inevitable hunger, prompting the timeless question—when’s food? Each Wednesday, Lindsay and her co-hosts drop new episodes, available for listening on their website, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Freelance Makeup Artist

With credentials from the School of Professional Makeup in Toronto, Lindsay expertly wields her freelance makeup artist skills alongside her roles as a blogger and social media maven. She is readily available to offer her services for weddings, photo shoots, or fashion shows.

Copper and Steel Buffalo

Lindsay also owns Cooper and Steel Buffalo, where she makes and creates handmade chainmail jewelry.

For any inquiries, suggestions, or potential collaborations with Lindsay or the Buffalo Blogging Network, feel free to reach out and get in touch.