Buffalo Eats

Buffalo Eats was founded in 2009 by Donnie Burtless and Alli Suriani as a noteworthy food blog. Focusing on reviewing restaurants, conducting interviews with locals, and delivering the latest in Western New York’s restaurant news, BuffaloEats.org swiftly gained momentum. Between 2009 and 2023, this esteemed platform attracted an impressive total of over 3.5 million visitors. Throughout its existence, Buffalo Eats showcased extensive coverage of thousands of restaurants, alongside featuring numerous talented chefs, cooks, and bartenders.

Ride for Roswell

Buffalo Eats has been organizing an annual Ride for Roswell Team since 2015 with the purpose of raising funds for Roswell Park. Supporters are encouraged to donate, and occasionally Buffalo Eats themed merchandise is offered as a token of appreciation. In addition, local businesses are invited to sponsor the team by making a $100 donation to any rider. Thanks to the incredible generosity of everyone involved, a total of $123,932 has been raised over the course of nine years.