Loriel Escalera

Loriel Escalera, or “Loriel da Barb-her,” is a true inspiration in her community, leaving a lasting impact on everyone she encounters. Her empowering presence and genuine kindness uplift others, fostering confidence and appreciation. With a name that embodies progressiveness and acceptance, she embodies compassion and unwavering determination.

Through her social media posts, Loriel exemplifies a refreshing generosity, extending complimentary haircuts to those facing difficult times. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she has faced challenges, as inclusion once felt distant in a male-dominated industry with limited representation. Yet, it is these obstacles that have molded her into a stronger and more outspoken advocate.

Overcoming adversity has established Loriel as a prominent figure within the industry, both on social media and as an entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, allowing her to operate independently with a contagious excitement that inspires others in the community. Her passion lies in sharing these values, creating a sense of unity among her peers.