Akasya Crosier

Akasya Crosier, a Buffalo, NY-based artist and graphic designer, is making waves in the art scene with her captivating work. Focusing on digital mediums, she creates bold and sleek designs that leave a lasting impression. Typography and illustration have become her passions in recent years, as she enjoys crafting hand-lettered designs and illustrations for various local organizations. Currently working as a freelance graphic designer in Buffalo, Akasya specializes in creating eye-catching advertising materials, printed pieces, signage, and engaging digital works.

Akasya’s mixed media pieces transport viewers into a world that is vibrant, eccentric, and bursting with textures. Imagine following trails of pink mountains constructed from scrap fabric or exploring forests of patterned pine trees that border glistening streams. Her art is a spectacle of glittering wonders and intricate details, making it truly mesmerizing when seen up close.