Ann PerrySmith

About Ann PerrySmith

Growing up in Western New York, Ann PerrySmith has deep connections to the thriving Buffalo arts community. Following her graduation from Grand Island High School, she pursued her studies at Buffalo State College, where she obtained her BS in art education and MS in multi-disciplinary studies with a focus on ceramics. Since 1992, she has been an enthusiastic art teacher at Lancaster High School, specializing in ceramics, jewelry, and studio art.

As an artist, PerrySmith refers to herself as “extremely diligent” and “exceptionally attuned to particulars.” Her main artistic mediums are ceramic and clay. Her intricate attention to detail, combined with the countless mental and physical snapshots she captures, serve as constant sources of inspiration for her creative work. PerrySmith attributes her boundless creativity and continuous motivation to her parents, who have nurtured her artistic vision throughout her life.

Notably, PerrySmith is recognized as a Roycroft Master Artisan and currently resides and operates her studio in Snyder, New York.