Ashtronomical Art

Ashley Lamp

Ashley Lamp, a local artisan based in Buffalo, New York, has established herself as a creative force to be reckoned with. Graduating from Buffalo State College in 2021 with a major in Art and a minor in Art Therapy, Ashley has continuously pushed the boundaries of her craft. With plans to pursue a master’s degree in the future, she aspires to further elevate her artistic prowess.

Throughout her academic journey, Ashley experienced the challenges of finding inspiration and motivation within the confines of graded mediums. However, it was during this time that she discovered the art of wire wrapping. Embracing it as a hobby, she managed to nurture her creativity and preserve her sanity while completing her degree. Five years have passed since Ashley wrapped her first crystal, and in that time, she has ventured into various avenues, including vending markets, stocking gift shops, and teaching classes across Western New York.

Stay connected with Ashley by following her social media accounts to remain in the loop about her latest creations and upcoming events. Witness her artistic journey unfold as she strives to carve her path in the art world and inspire others along the way.